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Let's experience the near future that we are together

Masao Hirano

02  Refereed article
  A Study on Intellectual Property Management of Plant Varieties
  ― Case Study of Gentian Varieties in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture ―

Mitsukazu Sakuradani

19  I went to Estonia
Kazufumi Matsushima
24     My visit to Estoni
Yohei Yamamoto
31     Challenge for the future in Estonia
Raul Allikivi
50    Why was electronic national Estonia born?
ES Team of BMA

52     Study trend
  Index of latest study on business model documents
The editorial committee on journal of BMA
56     Topic raising
 Let's think about management of the intellectual property
Ki Choh

Activity scene of BMA: Spring symposium in 2019 of BMA
Activity scene of BMA: Manuscript recruitment
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