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What will be a factor of evolution of a business model?

Ki Choh

01  Contribution paper
  Recruitment image of "white companies" and "health and productivity management"

Takuji Arai, Kiminori Gemba

15  Refereed article
  The effectiveness of governance reform in recovery from business crises.
  ― Empirical analysis of listed companies disclosed going concern information.―

Masao Horiuchi

33     Refereed article
  A study of the Marketing Strategy in Medical Office Workers Training University
Yusuke Fukuyama
45     Refereed article
 Business portfolios; estimated for major "Sogo shosha" group
Kenji Hata

62  Practical science square
  The current state and future of the space business in the world, The vision of JAXA
Hiroyuki Iwamoto
105     Practical science square
  Challenge of ispace, A human range of livelihood is made the space
Takeshi Hakamada
140     Practical science square
  To the business which can be utilized from the utility which can be used
Takuya Hoshino
147    Practical science square
  Why do you go to the space?
Kosuke Fujishima
161     Practical science square
  I live in the space
Mizuki Komasa

178     Activity scene of BMA: Symposium
183     Activity scene of BMA: Evening Session
ES Team of BMA

Activity scene of BMA: Manuscript recruitment
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