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Business model and Marketing

Ki Chok

01 Activity scene of BMA
 Business Model Association annual meeting 2018
Masao Hirano
05 Articles
 Perspectives of consortium type business model in automotive OS
 ― The study of the AGL case led by Toyota ―

Kazuhiko Kato & Junichi Takagi

18 Articles in BMA journal
 Vol.15, No.1~Vol.18, No.3
BMA journal

26 Practical science square
 Arrival of blockchain society and the impact
Kazuyuki Masuda
44    Practical science square
 Possibility of the distributed type business model and problem
Chris Dai
56    Practical science square
 The forefront of a blockchain
Yoshinori Fukushima
67   Practical science square
 The picture of a blockchain and possibility of use case
Muuto Morikawa

83    Topic raising
 Train the intellectual force
Kazufumi Matsushima
87    Introduce a book  
Amazom Book
88    Introduce a book  
Naohiko Inaba

Activity scene of BMA: Evening Session
Activity scene of BMA: Overseas convention
Activity scene of BMA: Manuscript recruitment
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