Academic journal of a Business Model Association

 The general magazine which considers the only business model in Japan

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01  "Business Model" for Revitalization
Koji Tanabe

 | Short interview
02  Who you are, What to expect
Tomoya Nagata

 |Lecture records & Articles
07  The Approaching Second Meteorite: Creating Novel Business Models for the New Era
Nobuyuki Idei
30  How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Business?
Tomohiro Inoue
61  The Business Model of Banking : How is the Banking Industry Described?
Yasushi Yoshida

 |Practical science square
76  The 5th time Japanese Business Model Award: SORACOM
K Tsuchiya
83  Shifting focus to solutions for businesses and social problems: a new stage for weather forecasting
Nobumichi Furuichi & Ki Choh

 |Activity scene of BMA
91  Spring symposium in 2017 of BMA 
Yoshikazu Yagi
97  Redesign of New Evening Session Ⅱ 
Satoshi Nagawa

 |Topic raising
100  Report "New developments in the Fair Trade Business Model"
Yasuyuki Hirota
104  The world after 2020
Kazufumi Matsushima

 |Editorial note
111 Ki Choh

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