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Preface  Toward the Construction of the Ecosystem Theory
Masaharu Tsujimoto

Lecture records   
01  Strategy Rules: Five Timeless Lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs <
Michael Cusumano
17  Who build the 21st century platform?
Masao Hirano
27  Toward the era of business ecosystem
Toshihide Yahiro

39  Extrapolating from Moore's Law 
Michael Cusumano, David B. Yoffie

Refereed article   
44  Influences of existing brands for evolution of platform ecosystems
Yuki Inoue, Masaharu Tsujimoto

Activity scene of BMA  
57  Business Model Association annual meeting 2016
Haruko Nishida

Refereed article  
62  Discussion for structuralization of profit model- Discussion for structures (“target” and
 “control”) of profit generation -
Yohei Yamamoto, K Tsuchiya

Practical science square  
81  Interview:  Innovation of the last one mile circulation for restaurants
Masanari Matsuda
87  Talk: The new business model brought into life insurance industry
Haruaki Deguchi, Akitoshi Shuto

News of BM  
92  b8ta, Innovative Business Model for IoT Gadgets
Akiko Okada

Activity scene of BMA 
96  Presenting research in BMA yearly meeting 2016
Operation team of presenting research

Topic raising    
99  The world after 2020
Kazufumi Matsushima

Editorial note ---------------------------------------------------------- Ki Choh
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