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Health and Productivity Management and Strategy

Kiminori Gemba

03  Refereed article
  Do mergers and acquisitions lead to long-term value creation of companies?
  ― An empirical analysis of Japanese companies with large panel data ―

Katsuhiro Sato

23  Lecture records
  What is the ecosystem of the sports business?
Munehico Harada
41     Lecture records
  Japanese business method of a professional baseball and its possibility
Masayuki Sasaki

55    Practical science square
  The 7th time grand prize of Japanese business model Award
Street Academy Co., Ltd.

70     Study trend
  Activity scene of BMA: Evening Session
ES Team of BMA
73     Inspection report
 The future sign seen from an e-country and circulation of data
Kazuhiko Mori

Activity scene of BMA: Business Model Association annual meeting 2019
Activity scene of BMA: Manuscript recruitment
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