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 The general magazine which considers the only business model in Japan

Vol.19 No.1, Spril 2019 Contents
Vol.18 No.3, December 2018 Contents
Vol.18 No.2, September 2018 Contents
Vol.18 No.1, Spril 2018 Contents
Vol.17 No.4, December 2017 Contents
Vol.17 No.3, September 2017 Contents
Vol.17 No.2, June 2017 Contents
Vol.17 No.1, March 2017 Contents
Vol.16 No.2, December 2016 Contents
Vol.16 No.1, September 2016  BMA journal (the first number) Contents
Vol.15 Requirements of Mobile application’s revenue model
– Discussion of business model relating to establishing a profit model from a Freemium model –
Yeongjoo LIM
Vol.14 The modeling of human resources for coordination in
industry-academia-government collaboration based on the portfolio
analysis of its organizations for the collaboration
Masato SATO
Vol.13 The business model innovation for establishing the continually competitive advantage
– Based on the case of Lithium-ion Battery industries –
 Takahiro Okubo
Vol.12 Evaluation of Policies in Industrializing New technologies
– Cases with Wind Power Generation by Technology Transfer Analysis –
Teruhiko Miyasaka
Shingo Kano
Vol.11 Elaboration and Practice of Green Energy Model from Kochi
– Toward the Realization of "Non-withered Oil Field Project" –
Masato SATO
Vol.10 Evaluation Model for Electrification Businessin Developing Country
– Building Up Evaluation Methodology and Case Study in Bangladesh –
Motoyuki Arai
Kenji Tanaka
Bagheri Behgol
Rikiya Abe
Gento Mogi
Vol.9 An Efficient Business Model on Book Distribution
– Development of Book Store support system based on Sales
Predicting –
Kazufumi Matsushima
Kenji Tanaka
Vol.8 A Study on Developing Real Option Application Models Johji Satoh
Vol.7 EV Installation Design Study for Rent-a-car Business in OKINAWA Kenji Tanaka
Yusuke Kon
Kazufumi Matsushima
Hideaki Horie
Vol.6 A Study on Optimization for Information Technology Investments
using Real Options Analysis
Hiroyuki Takagi
Ryuta Takashima
Masatoshi Mori
Vol.5 Product Switching Strategy Reconsidered Based on Optimal Stopping Theory Yasunori Fujita
Vol.4 A Survey on Business Model Studies Yuya Kajikawa
Kazufumi Matsushima
Vol.3 A Study of Business Model Design using UML Masatoshi Mori
Toshimi Munehira
Satoshi Sagawa
Vol.2 New Business Model for Regional Economic Development Ichiro Sakata
Kazufumi Matsushima
Vol.1     Introduction and Comparison of Technology Transfer Models
– The Concept of Technology Transfer Effective Frontier and Its Application –
Shingo Kano
The proposal of a new business model in the mobile-phone market
–The possibility of shifting to a free distributed model from a centralized model –
Shingo Yamaguchi
Ichiya Nakamura
A Study of Business Model design and the measurement Masatoshi Mori