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 The general magazine which considers the only business model in Japan

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Preface  ----------------------------------------------------------- Masao Hirano

Lecture records  
01  Innovation of a business model ~ Framework and realization ~ 
 Masao Hirano

Refereed article  
14  Research on Japan's Character License Business Model 
Yiwei Chien
30    An introductory consideration about the current state of the business model study in
 Japan ~ Following the angle of the business design ~  
Ki Choh

Practical science square
42  Interview: Innovative Initiative in HItachi and Societies
Masanobu Ogawa
52  Linkers Corporation — Rapid Evolution in Business Models
Masanobu Ogawa
53   Linkers - An IT-and-Analog Integrated Matching Platform
 ~ Bridging Japanese 100,000 Manufacturing Companies and Global Enterprises
 Pursuing Unique and  Excelling Technologies ~ 
Yoshihiro Maeda
56   Resonance 
Susumu Takeuchi

News of BM  
61  Technology Driven Business Model Innovation in the Beverage Business 
 Akiko Okada

Activity scene of BMA  
64  Highlights of a spring symposium in 2016 of BMA 
Ki Choh
70    Redesign of New Evening Session  
Satoshi Nagawa

Topic raising  
72  Creation of new business model for driving Community-based integrated care systems
 Tomomi Yoshida

Editorial note ---------------------------------------------------------- Ki Choh
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